Road Burn

Road Burn is a former villain in Johnny Test, He was the main antagonist of the episode Johnny and the Attack of the Monster Truck.


Road Burn was created of Bling-Bling Boy to be the ultimate Monster Truck and to impress Susan, When Susan wasn't impress with Road Burn or Bling-Bling Boy, Bling-Bling Boy desired to send Road Burn to Junkyard and kick one of Road Burn's wheels. Road Burn didn't like Bling-Bling Boy being rude to him, This cause Road Burn to go mad.

Powers and Abilities

Road Burn is a powerful Monster Truck as his wheels are strong enough to crush cars and other Monster Trucks. Road Burn can also breath fire out of his mouth. Road Burn possesses teeth, Road Burn can withstand fire. Road Burn is also indestructible as shown when the missiles didn't destroy him.


  • Road Burn appears in the opening of the first season of Johnny Test.