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Your death will be indescribable!
~ Ro-Man

Ro-Man is a type of early villian and is one of the first alien antagonists. He appeared in the 1953 film Robot Monster and he is portrayed by George Barrows and voiced by John Brown.

He is a killer due to a ray that killed all humans except for a few who had survived from a scientist. Later he kills the assistant of the scientist by throwing him off a cliff and strangling the youngest girl of the group. His leader The Great Guidance told him why he kidnapped Alice the older girl and did not kill her. Ro-Man replied that he will not kill her but the youngest member a boy named Johnny. The Great Guidance also thought he was a human. Ro-Man later killed Johnny but Ro-Man died from the ray itself and his body was next to Johnny.


Ro-Man is an alien with a gorilla body with a space helmet and antenna.


  • Ro-Man appears briefly in the film Looney Tunes: Back in Action as a minor antagonist.

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