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Rlim Shaikorth

Rlim Shaikorth

Rlim Shaikorth
is a gigantic worm-like beast and a villain in H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos genre also shared by horror writer and poet Clark Ashton Smith.

It appears as a huge, whitish worm with a gaping maw and eyes made of dripping globules of blood. One of Rlim Shaikorth's avatars is known as the White Worm and is part of Smith's Hyperborean cycle.

The White Worm travels on a gigantic iceberg called Yikilth, which it can guide across the ocean. In its colossal ice-citadel, the White Worm prowls the seas, blasting ships and inhabited land masses with extreme cold. Victims of the White Worm are frozen solid, their bodies appearing eerily white, and remain preternaturally cold—they will not melt nor warm even when exposed to fire.

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