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The Dart. Note its treacherous rocks

Dart, Dart, cruel Dart, every year thou claim'st a heart
~ A local rhyme about the evil nature of the Dart

The River Dart, also called the Dart is a phenomenon found on Dartmoor in Devon, England. It is rumoured by locals and local mythology to be a sentient force, aware of the human activity in the area, and will do anything to claim a human life.

The River Dart was famed for taking one human a year, via drowning, but those who spoke about it said it was calling to them, the River was crying to them and beckoning them to drown in it. The sadistic Dart is also full of heavy rocks, boulders and fast-flowing rapids, and is considered a treacherous river for both locals and canoeists.

The Dart is famous for its murder of Jan Coo, a local farmer who became obssessed with the fact the Dart was calling to him. One night he could stand it no longer and ran screaming from his house saying "Dart is calling me!" He drowned, but no body was found, adding to the Dart's supernatural nature. The Dart is still rumoured to call out to its next victim annually.

Also in the mires and pools round Dartmoor, connected to the Dart, ghosts and phantoms are meant to be seen, in one pool, a ghastly face is meant to be seen, crying out the name of the next person who will die in the hamlets round.