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Ritchie was a nasty, foul-mouthed, vindictive and disrespectful car thieve thug in the 1995 movie New Jersey Drive.

He was portrayed by Andre Moore.

In many ways he's a tamed down version of Jake in Fresh, minus the abnormal aspects of him. This kid is evil. He has no respect for anyone and is bad-tempered. He's worse than Midget (even Midget is likable). He has no conpassion. Ritchie's time in the movie is on-and-off, but several things he does makes him a nuisance (thought not as much of a nuisance as Midget). He mocks Peanut's condition (after the shooting) at his own funeral, making him fairly despicable. He is outright disrespectful. Also in the cop car scene, he is a sadist just like Midget and Jason, enjoying harassing the kids.

He is as evil as his pal Midget, though he's not as loud as he is, thus making him not obnoxious. But he way more evil. He lacks the likability of Midget. In one scene he tries to get self-righteous with Jason, because Jason is trying to talk to his sister, and Jason tells him not to get in him and his sister's business. Ritchie then punches Jason, and they become enemies. In the last scene with him, he tries to shoot Jason, but fails, since Jason manages to flee him successfully. This scene shows what a monster he can be. He's what Jake tries but much better.

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