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Rip Runner is Rev's younger brother and a leather-clad slacker, Rip is somewhat the oddball of the family. He speaks at a normal/slow speed, acts fairly calm rather than hyperactive and never moves at a high speed, unlike his parents because he lacked the same genes that gives roadrunners their speed.


After repeatedly seeing how much attention Rev got from his father for being a superhero and for his invention of the Robo Amigo toy, Rip became filled with jealousy.

He became a victim of the Bio-Tech Parasite, which he used to turn the Robo Amigos into violent monstrosities alongside using the Molecular Reconstructer to increase their size and destruction capabilities and started destroying Acmetropolis. Eventually, Rev was able to save his brother, and the two made up. To top it off, Rip's creation of a first edition Robo Amigo gained him some respect in the eyes of his father.

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