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Rip roar
Rip Roar is a villain who first appeared in Young Justice Vol.1 2.

Long ago, the four armed juggernaut Rip Roar and his rival Kalibak, the son of the "dark god" (a.k.a. Darkseid) were sent to plunder tribute for their master. Rip Roar succeeded first, brazenly stealing a sentient "Super-Cycle" from the "home of the light" (a.k.a. New Genesis). Rip Roar bonded with the sentient vehicle and rode roughshod over several worlds in Darkseid’s name. Knowing that his father would look favourably on Rip Roar’s destructiveness, Kalibak convinced Darkseid’s torturer Desaad to sabotage Rip Roar’s teleporting Boom Tube, Roar wound up entombed inside a mountain on Earth, until he was accidentally freed by Young Justice.

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