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Rip is the main antagonist of the Bret Easton Ellis novel, Less Than Zero, and the 1987 film, which is the same name as the novel. In the film, he is portrayed by James Spader, who also played Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron.


Rip had been a successful drug dealer in the latter half of the 1980s. One of his customers, Julian Wells, owed him $50,000 USD and he was trying to at first be nice to him, allow certain things to slide only because they were friends when they were younger. He would occasionally send his thug, Hop, to get money from him.

Clay Easton, a mutual friend from when both Rip and Julian were younger, came back to Los Angeles on Christmas Break from an Ivy League school to visit his friends Julian and his ex-girlfriend, Blair. However, he would come into conflict with Rip. He even demands that Rip leaves Julian alone and to stop dealing to him and promises he will pay off Julian's debt. Rip told him "do you know who the fuck you're talking to?" And he also told him to just dump Julian and that Julian was already dead due to his total dependency on drugs.

Julian after he swore he would stay off drugs to his father and his friends returned to Rip and told him he would get sober. However, Rip forced Julian to take his drugs as well as to have sex with Hop, essentially becoming his pimp. Clay would catch Julian and rescues him from Hop and Rip. Later on, Rip and Hop would get into a physical altercation with Clay and Blair and lost. Clay and Blair took Julian away, and it's assumed that they never see Rip again, especially Julian since Julian would the next morning die from heart failure from drug abuse, making Rip's words to Clay about Julian already being dead prophetic.