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~ Hagire's catchphrase
Rinichiro Hagire (also known by his current body Toto Sakigami) is the main antagonist of the anime and manga series Deadman Wonderland. He transfers to bodies he choosed as vessals like the old man and Toto Sakigami with his albinno twin bodyguards. His current body is Toto Sakigami a young man who is considered the strongest deadman. hagire also gained Toto's abilites including Love Labyrith allowing him to copy other deadman abilitites by absorbing his opponets blood.


Toto Sakigami

Toto Sakigami-Hagire's current body

In his first form, he has long, curly, black hair and wears glasses. His second form is an old man with short and gray hair. In his third and final form, he has short, green hair and yellow eyes.


Hagire is an exteremly cruel and sadistic person. He takes pleasure on twisted experiements on children and cares for almost nobody but himself. He is so evil that be has even surpasses Tsunenaga Tamaki in terms of being evil.



Hagire was a scientist who worked with Sorae Igarashi. Hagire and Sorae did research on how to highten someones immune system. Hagire had Sorae choose a "Ginea Pig" for them to experiment on. Sorae ended up choosing Shiro. Hagire and Sorae did a number of inhumand and downright sadistic experiments on Shiro that could be considered torture. Shiro suffered so much that she developed an evil personality in order to cope with the pain. Shiro ghen attempted suicide by releasing a giang ball of energy which caused the Great Tokyo earthquake. Hagire and Sorae managed to survive the earthquake. Sorae then built a machine calked The Mother Goose System which kept Shiro from starting another earthquake. Hagire was angered by this and demanded that she tell him the password to shut down the mother goose system. Sorae denied Hagires request before shooting her self in the head. Hagire visited a hospital which had two people, Chan and En, in it. Chan and Ens branch of sin could transfer a body over to another. Hagire saw this as a golden opproutunity and acted as if he loved them in order to get them to trust and work for him. Hagire had Chan and En use their branch of sin in order to transer his body into the body of an old man. This turns out succssesful in the end. Now in the body of the old man, Hagire creates the prison Deadman Wonderland. Hagire also had the deadman fight eachother in order to see who the strongesg deadman is, so that he can transfer his body into theirs next. He also raises Shiro in this form.

Deadman Arc

Hagire is seen with Tsunenaga Tamaki as they discuss the next deadman fight (Ganta vs Humming Bird). Hagire then decides that he will use Toto Sakigamis body. He once again has Chan and En preforme their branch of sin in order to transfer Hagires body into Totos. Before going into Totos body, Hagire fights with Shiro and ultimatly ends up dieing, however, his body is transfered into Totos just as he dies, bringing him back to life in the body of Toto while his old body has died.

Scar Cain Arc

When Shiro bumps into Hagire while looking for Ganta, Hagire tells her that the data chips are explosives. Shiro saves Ganta from the chips but Ganga ends up punching her in the face. Shiro runs off and Hagire is able to find her. Hagire tries to manipulate Shiro into hating Ganta, but instead, she runs off saying that she will punch Ganta. Hagire tries looking for Shiro and bumps into Ganta and Senji. He steals Senjis ability by licking Senjis blood and tries to do the same to Ganta but is stoped by Senji. He then takes his leave. While eating deadman body parts, he is met with Hibana Daida. She attacks him but is easily killed in the end.

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