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Ringo is a character imagined by Steven during his retelling of Garnet's story in the episode "Garnet's Universe" where he served as the true antagonist.

"Garnet's Universe"


As Garnet, Hoppy, and Hopper are walking through the forest, Ringo falls from the tree above them albeit unconscious. Garnet "wakes him up" soon after.  Ringo tells them about how he used to safeguard a power gem atop a shrine on a mountain until a foxman tricks him into letting him steal and empower himself with it. The foxman then launches Ringo towards Garnet and her friends. They later travel to the shrine to confront the foxman, resulting in him winning and launching the team off the mountain. After Garnet's vigorous training, she fights the foxman once again and wins. The foxman then reveals that he was the guardian of the shrine, and that Ringo wants to steal it. Ringo uses the gem to turn into Ultimate Ringo, and proceeds to turn the foxman into an onion ring and teleports everyone to the Ringo Zone. Ringo declares that he'll destroy the planet because he can, so Hoppy and Hopper battle Ringo but are soon defeated. Summoning her courage, Ringo and Garnet battle, but Ringo knocks her down and turns her picture of her and Steven into an onion ring and eats it. Garnet then punches and defeats Ringo, taking back the gem.

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