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These three abominations stand charged on eight counts of gross deviancy. Not content with not looking like the true image, they flaunt freakish behavior such as charm, bravery, compassion and honor.
~ The Rimmer guard
Are there no sighs of normalcy in these wretches? No cowardice or pomposity, no snideyness or smarm, not even basic honest-to-goodness double-dealing two-facedness?
~ The Rimmer emperor
Sire, these creatures did not even attempt to sell each other out for their own freedom - they lack even the most basic natural drives.
~ The Rimmer guard

The Rimmerworld is the antagonistic planetary nation from the Red Dwarf episode "Rimmerworld".

They are portrayed by Chris Barrie.



After falling through the wormhole, Rimmer lands on a deserted planet where he is going to be alone for 600 years until the Starbug gets there. When he finds Eco-Accelerator rockets in his escape pod, he decides to terraform the planet by using his holographic matrix to mimic DNA. At first, he tries to create a female clone in a large cocoon, only to create a perfect clone of himself. It leads him to continue with experimenting.

Some time later, Rimmer is able to create the whole society of his own clones who look like him (even females do). Unfortunately, they also have all Rimmer's bad natures - they are "back-stabbing, treacherous hypocritical cowardly slime-mongering Judases". After 43 years, they overthrow Rimmer and when they can't destroy his hard light bee, they simply lock him in the dungeon.

Next 557 years, the clones create a prosperous society. They have strict laws and don't accept any physical flaw. If someone displays behavior deemed out of character or un-Rimmerlike, he is immediately sentenced to death. The leader of the planet is called the Great One who wears a Roman-alike uniform and has lots of concubines. His guards also look like Roman soldiers. Despite their overthrowing Rimmer, his hologramatic H becomes a symbol of power which is worn by the Great One and displayed above his throne.

600 years later, the Starbug lands on the planet and the rest of the crew goes out to find Rimmer, only be caught by the guards who look exactly like their friend. They take the crew to the Great One who sentence them to death for being "deviants", as they don't look like "the true image" and "flaunt freakish behavior such as charm, bravery, compassion and honor".

In the cell, the crew meets depressed Rimmer who was imprisoned there for 557 years. Luckily, they all manage to escape using a teleporter which transports them back to Starbug.