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Rikugame Yummy
The Rikugame Yummy is a tortoise Yummy created by Gamel to defeat Kamen Rider OOO to gain Mezool's approval, tricked into doing so by Kazari. While slow, the Rikugame Yummy can withdraw his arms into his body to spin extremely fast. Though the Yummy overpowers Kamen Rider OOO in both his Sagohzo and Latoratar Combos, keeping him from pursing Kazari when he spirits Gamel off, the Rikugame Yummy is knocked on his back by Shintaro's bazooka and left defenseless as Kamen Rider OOO uses the OOO Bash while in Tatoba Combo to destroy him.


This was the only Yummy Gamel created that wasn't a large mammal but rather a large reptile.

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