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I only have an audience of two but I’ll sing with all my might. I’ll immerse you completely in this illusion of light and sound woven by an electric diva!
~ Riko Toone

Riko Toone is the Extra Stage Boss from the fanmade Touhou Project video game, Mystical Power Plant.

She's a divine spirit that came into existence in Gensokyo due to the boom of virtual-diva, voice synthesizing programs in the Outside World (a reference to the Vocaloid boom in Japan).

She represents the desires of people to sing without having the talent to do so, or guys who want their voices to sound with the purity of a girl. She speaks like a robotic girl herself.


  • Riko is based on Vocaloid, a singing voice synthesizer program that has become extremely popular in recent years. She is not based on any existing Vocaloid model, but draws heavy inspiration from them in general.
  • Her surname "Toone" (遠音) means "far-off sound". Her name mirrors the names of Vocaloid characters Miku Hatsune (初音ミク), Rin and Len Kagamine (鏡音リン・鏡音レン), and Luka Megurine (巡音ルカ). Her given name is spelt with katakana, and her surname ends in "音", meaning "sound".
  • When using Eastern naming order, her full name Toone Riko sounds like "Tonelico", a reference to the Ar Tonelico series of RPGs. Each game in the series takes place on a giant, tree-like tower, and the plot of each game revolves around girls who can cast magic via singing. Her design greatly resembles those of the characters from said games.
  • One of her spell cards, Sweet Sign "Sweet Ice Sword V2", parodies Cirno's spellcard, "Perfect Freeze", as well as her ⑨ fame.
  • One of her swords has a leek like the one Miko spins, popularized by the Orihime Inoue meme.




Theme Music

MPP Riko's Theme Life-Guiding Song ~ Prospect Mirai

MPP Riko's Theme Life-Guiding Song ~ Prospect Mirai