Riko Kupernreich is the main antagonist of the Final Fantasy XI expansion pack "A Moogle Kupo d'Etat" and also acts as the expansions final boss fight, he is a power hungry moogle with great resentment towards other species for the supposed abuse of his people but also shows a ruthless love of money and power, planning on destroying current moogle residences so as to build large moogle mansions and only cater for rich people.

Riko Kupernreich is also completely insane to the point of having a God complex, having infused a powerful mystic gem into his belly he grew to great size (for a moogle anyway) and proclaimed himself the "Alpha and Omega" of moogle kind before attacking the adventurers in a spectacular display of megalomania: seeking to kill them all so as to rule the entire world.

Riko Kupernreich is, so far, the only moogle to be portrayed as a major villain in the series and is thus a unique and surprisingly powerful boss to face in battle.

After being defeated Riko Kupernreich's mystic crystal is dislodged from his belly and he seems to gain some level of sanity and reforms, deciding to give up on his greedy schemes and finally admitting that the link between moogles and other species isn't so bad after all.