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Rigatoni (once spelled also Regatoni) is an antagonist in Rayman: The Animated Series, who only appears the first episode Lac-Mac Napping. He is the manipulative ringmaster of an intergalactic circus that travels through various cities, countries, and planets. His henchman, Admiral Razorbeard, captures strange creatures who are then forced to work as slaves in the circus.

He was voiced by Danny Mann.


Rigatoni is very tyrannical, authoritative, dictatorial, conniving, greedy, arrogant, possessive, materialistic, manipulative, and blasphemous, so he treats his slaves very badly. As his name says, he is a type of the Italian Ringmaster, despite his Brooklyn accent. His circus has a large CCTV system, as he is afraid that his slaves could escape or be stolen, especially his favorite creature, Lac-Mac. One of his most fraudulent and treacherous plans is when he successfully owns the best circus in the space.


When Rayman and his friends escape from the circus, he hires Inspector "Archie" Grub to capture them and return them back to him. Rigatoni also say he will have revenge on Rayman. This is his first and last appearance in the series since it was canceled.


  • His name is derived from a type of pasta of the same name.
  • In the first episode, where Rayman refuses to do tricks for Rigatoni, he is seen whirling his body around like a basketball behind Razorbeard's (Or Rigatoni's) back. This proved that he did a trick without someone telling or forcing him.

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