As Lord Ivlis commands...

Rieta is a major antagonist of The Gray Garden. She serves as Ivlis's underling.


Unlike the other characters, Rieta does not have white skin but a rather tannish tint. She has red eyes with orange hair that is tied to a side-ponytail by a large bow. She wears a bra-like croptop with a a gold necklace, she also wears a robe-like garment also tied by a large bow, wearing red-shorts under it. She wears simple black flats, and is known for her large claw-like hands. She wears de-tached sleeves, her outfit sort of resembles a genie in a way.


Not much is known about her her inner personality, as she was a more illusive character and didn't appear often during the game. However, she is very loyal to Ivlis, even when given an order that could mean her death.


  • At the end of the game, she got turned into a lamp genie by Reficul.
  • She, along with Poemi, are the only two characters to have colored skin.

Theme Music

Gray Garden Soundtrack Rieta Really Ravages (MP3 Ver 1

Gray Garden Soundtrack Rieta Really Ravages (MP3 Ver 1.0)