Villain Overview
Ueno rie

Ueno Rie (Chae Hong-joo) code name is Lara, is a Korean woman who working with Kishokai for captured Gakstial in Bridal Mask.


She was born to aristocratic family who were murdered by Korean communists left Hong-joo as orphan and become gisaeng at nine before she adopted by Kishokai leader who saw hatred her country and she met and fall in love with Lee Kang-to, a police officer who stopped her father's bodyguard tried killed her five years ago.

After she receives military training and becomes a spy in charge of a mission to kill Gaksital, met Kangto again and she found out Lee Kang-to was second bridal mask Rie faced her dilemma as she begun realized he fighting for justice of his people.

Rie become jealous of Oh Mok-dan who is love interest of Kang-to and comfort her while she disguised as nun and admit her that she loved Kang-to. her relationship with Kimura Shunji is antagonistic yet deeper they shared feelings for Kang-to and Mok-dan only her bodyguard Jun also loved her. in the end Rie was saved by Kang-to when he killed Uedo Hideki who tried killed her she reclaimed her heritage as Chae Hong-joo as her bodyguard Jun farewell to her and met again for someday.