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Rico Dredd is the main villain of the 1995 sci-fi action film, Judge Dredd. He was Joseph Dredd's half brother that is an ex-judge on Mega City One and became too evil and psychotic that framed Dredd in murder in order to kill him by his hands.

He was played by actor Armand Assante.

Plot and Death

An ex-judge, who escapes from prison and his uniform, gun, and a combat robot. Griffin, who freed Rico from jail instructs him to spread chaos. By sending him to Aspen and in Mega City 1, Rico kills hundreds of judges in 2 days and killing the council judges. Rico later betrays Griffin and then replaces the DNA for the Janus Clones with his own. Rico orders his clones to get rid of Dredd but fails.

Dredd follows Rico to the top of a statue and the battle between the 2 sends Rico falling to his death.

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