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Ricky Verona is the main antagonist of 2006 film Crank is hitman and gangster who is enemy of Chev Chelios whom he injected it towards his body.

Ricky Verona


Ricky injected Chev by poison in the sleep with help of his brother, the poison will take one hour to death and posting DVD to Chev caused him to take revenge. Ricky's main goal to take over the city once Don Kim and Carlito dead, Chev learns to live by changed his heart with help of his friend Doc Miles and track down men and gangsters who worked with Verona include his brother Alex while Ricky had sex with his prostitute where he received call from Chev informed him about his brother's death by taunting him relusted to kidnapped Kalyo who is contract of C is forced to call Chelios and tell him that Verona is at a Triad warehouse before killing him. When Chelios went to the rooftop of the hotel to faced Carlito and Don Kim come to added him by sending his thugs to battle Carlito's thugs and Ricky betrayed Carlito by killing him.