Ricky Conlan (also known as: "Pretty" Ricky Conlan) is the main antagonist of the 2015 well-acclaimed sports drama film Creed ,the seventh installment of the legendary Rocky franchise. He is the undisputed World Light Heavyweight Champion and Adonis Creed's great enemy in the film itself.

He is portrayed by actor Tony Bellew.

Profile and Personality

Despite being the undisputed World Light Heavyweight Champion ,The Liverpool-based boxer faced a seven-year prison sentence for illegal firearms possession. He is initially slated to defend his title against Danny "Stuntman" Wheeler, but the fight is canceled when Conlan breaks Wheeeler's jaw during a press conference.

Creed (2015)

Getting Ready for the Big Fight

Rocky gets a call from the handlers of world light heavyweight champion "Pretty" Ricky Conlan, who is due to be forced into retirement by an impending prison term. He offers to make Donnie his final challenger—provided that he change his name to Adonis "Hollywood Donnie" Creed. Donnie balks at first, wanting to forge his own legacy. However, he eventually agrees.

While helping Donnie train, Rocky learns he has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He is unwilling to undergo chemotherapy, remembering that it was not enough to save Adrian when she had ovarian cancer. His diagnosis and the fact that his best friend and brother-in-law Paulie Pennino—Adrian's brother—has now passed away in addition to Adrian, Apollo and his old trainer Mickey Goldmill further force him to confront his own mortality. Seeing Rocky shaken, Donnie urges him to seek treatment.

The Big Epic and Final Fight and Redmeeded

His manager Tommy Holiday convinces him to fight Adonis Creed as a last hurrah before serving his prison sentence. Conlan predicts an early end, but Adonis goes the distance. Despite being knocked down for the first time in his career by the end of the 12th round, Conlan narrowly wins by a split decision. He shows respect for Adonis, telling him he is the future of the sport.