~ Ricky before shooting and killing an innocent man.

Richard "Ricky" Chapman-Caldwell is a serial killer from the Silent Night, Deadly Night series of films, appearing in the first installment as a minor character, in the second and third as the main antagonist, and in the fourth in a cameo. He is also the younger brother of teenage serial killer Billy Chapman and they are shown to love each other as Ricky lans on avenging him.


In Silent Night, Deadly Night, Ricky only makes a few cameos in the film. His first cameo is when he was a baby. A man dressed as Santa Claus attacks Billy's parents and kills them both. He later is seen at the end of the film as a kid, he glares at Mother Superior and plans on avenging his brother


  1. Eddie - Run over by jeep by Ricky Chapman
  2. Rocco the Loan Shark - Impaled through chest with umbrella by Ricky Chapman
  3. Loudmouth In Theater - Strangled by Ricky Chapman
  4. Chip - Electrocuted with jumper cables and car battery by Ricky Chapman
  5. Jennifer Statson - Strangled with broken car antennae by Ricky Chapman
  6. Rent-A-Cop - Shot in head with handgun by Ricky Chapman
  7. Suburbanite - Shot in chest by Ricky Chapman
  8. Suburbanite - Shot in chest by Ricky Chapman
  9. Motorist - Blown up in car explosion by Ricky Chapman
  10. Morty Rosenberg - illness by Ricky Chapman
  11. Dr. Henry Bloom - Strangled with magnetic tape by Ricky Chapman
  12. Salvation Santa - Unknown by Ricky Chapman
  13. Mother Superior - Decapitated with axe by Ricky Chapman


  • Ricky's existence in Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 was originally meant for a re-release for the original movie, in which new scenes were filmed featuring Ricky giving an account of his brother's murderous rampage. However as the script grew and grew and more scenes were added it was eventually made into a sequel (although still contains a very long recap of the original movie).