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Ricky is Charlie's former boss and the quaternary antagonist in the 2011 action film Real Steel.


Ricky is a boxing promoter who once beat Charlie Kenton in a boxing match back in the old days. In the movie, he becomes Charlie's boss and organizes robot boxing matches whom Charlie uses to win bets.

In the beginning, he taunted Charlie during the Ambush fight and demands for his money after Charlie lost the bet in the end. However, Charlie escaped secretly and when Ricky found out, he became angry and was forced to track him down.

He isn't seen again until the end of the Twins Cities fight where Charlie and his son, Max, prepared to head off with their robot, Atom. However, Ricky approaches the two and reminds them of what happened at the beginning of the film. Finding himself outnumbered by Ricky and his two henchmen, Charlie and Max fled but Ricky and his goons caught up to them. Ricky and his men beat up Charlie and terrorized Max whilst stealing their money.

In the fight between Atom and Zeus, Ricky attended and betted 100k that Atom won't last one round in the fight. However, Atom survived that round and when Ricky attempted to leave with his girlfriend, he was cornered by two fight bookmakers. Ricky was forced to forfeit his cash and, while leaving his girlfriend to have a good time, was dragged by the bookmakers.


  • He was assumed as the main antagonist of the film due to causing the events to happen for the film's protagonist Charlie Kenton, but he is eventually outranked by the other villains and antagonists, Zeus, Farra Lemkova, Tak Mashido.