Rickston Slade

Rickston Slade is a character in the Doctor Who episode Voyage of the Damned and was played by Gray O'Brien (who played the truly ruthless Tony Gordon in Coronation Street). Although not an antagonist in the episode, he is shown to be selfish and only looking out for himself, with little regard to safety of others.

Rickston was one of the paseengers in the ship the Titanic. When the ship was hit by meteors he had joined a small group led by the Tenth Doctor, however was more in it for himself and didn't care much for the others.

In the end Rickston was one of the few survivors of the incident, and was now a rich man as he had transferred his assets. This didn't please the Doctor, who was reminded by another survivor Mr Copper that even though Rickston wouldn't of been the person he had chosen to survive, if he had a choice it would make him the bigger monster.