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Rick Sanford is the official "Big Man on Campus" of his High school and the arch enemy of Angus in the movie Angus


Rick Sanford is an arrogant, condescending, smug kid and has been one all his life. He and Angus have been enemies since childhood and he takes whatever chance he can to make Angus's life miserable. For the most part of course, Angus has made Rick pay for his actions by breaking his nose. As a Teenager, he is the star of the football team and dating the love of Angus's life Melissa (Much to Angus's chagrin and much to Rick's great delight). He took credit for most things, including winning the big game (Which he never would have even gotten the ball if not for Angus's tackle). After a recent dispute with Angus, Rick sets him up to be Homecoming King in which he is confident Angus's will look like a fool since Angus is the least popular kid at school. However, when it seems that Angus might just indeed impress at the dance, Rick resorts to dirty tricks humiliates not only Angus but Melissa as well. But When Angus and Melissa start to be the life of the party, The enraged Rick cuts in between them and he punches out Angus. But Angus stands up to Rick proving himself the better man. In the End, Rick gets smashed in the face by Angus's friend Troy and get suspended. His top spot gone forever.


Rick has a major glass jaw.