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We should've killed Quaid on Mars.
~ Richter

Richter is the secondary antagonist of the 1990 film, Total Recall. He is known to be Vilos Cohaagen's chief lieutenant of the Mars Federal Colony, bent on killing Douglas Quaid, the hero of the film. He was played by Michael Ironside.


Richter first appeared when he contacted Lori about Douglas Quaid having went to Rekall on Earth, which triggered an outburst about Mars before having his memory erased. As told, Lori attempted to kill Quaid, but he escapes, inciting Richter and his goons to chase after him. It is shown that Richter has a seething hatred for Quaid, all stemming a from a grudge that Quaid was sleeping and making love to an undercover Lori (who is known to be Richter's wife). As such, he tried to kill Quaid multiple times, which has also earned him the ire of his superior Cohaagen, who has repeatedly ordered that Quaid is to be brought to him alive. 

Eventually, Quaid heads back to Mars to uncover more secrets about his past identity, killing several of Richter's men and Lori during the way. Upon seeing Lori's corpse, Richter mourned for her, grew vengeful and became bent on killing Quaid until Cohaagen threatens to have 'his ass erased' if he tries to defy his orders again, much to Richter's dismay. Later on after meeting the Resistance, Quaid finds out that Richter himself is a part of a conspiracy crafted by Cohaagen regarding to the discovery of an alien reactor that cane produce oxygen to create a breathable atmosphere for Mars, and that Cohaagen makes no attempt to turn it on, for in fear that it would end his abusive monopoly on air and his control over the colony.

When the Resistance are found out by Cohaagen's men and killed (thanks to the treacherous Benny), Richter brings Quaid and Melina brings over to Cohaagen, who explains about using Quaid as a pawn to lead him to the Resistance so that he can wipe them out. Cohaagen then orders Quaid and Melina to be erased of their memories, but the two escape and plan to activate the reactor. As such, Cohaagen finally orders Richter to kill them, much to Richter's delight ("It's about goddamn time!") During the final battle after his remaining men are shot down to their deaths, Richter is defeated when his arms torn off during an ascent on an elevator after losing a fight to Quaid, sending him falling to his death a hundred feet below.


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