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Richie Rich is a character created by Harvey Comics. Although the comics presented him as being very humble and generous despite his immense wealth, the blog Occupy Richie Rich interprets him a spoiled brat whose family has gained a total monopoly on just about every product imaginable and created a large financial gap between themselves and the working class. In a similar fashion to Superdickery Superman, Richie is presented as a villain based on old comic book covers and stories. Richie is also depicted as being addicted to making money-based puns, to the point of vandalizing his own house (a crack in a pillar shaped like a dollar sign is referred to as a "wise crack"), dropping a safe full of money into the ocean ("sea-cret safe"), and routinely performing horrific genetic experiments on animals ("dough-lar bear," "buck-billed platypus," "diamond-backed turtle," etc.) just so he can make a pun about it.