Gertrude "Richie" Rich is the main character in the 1987 British sitcom Filthy, Rich & Catflap. He was played by the late Rik Mayall who also played Rick in The Young Ones and Richie in Bottom.

Richie is a minor celebrity who acts like he's famous, but has only worked on and off as a comedian, game show host and pantomime star. He lives in a flat in London with his minder and "best friend" Eddie Catflap whilst being visited by his agent Ralph Filthy who isn't very good at getting Richie a job.

Villainous Acts

  • Episode 1: Unintentionally killed several milkmen and later dumped their bodies into a river along with the taxi driver who took them to the river.
  • Episode 2: He and Eddie attempted to have Ralph give them his £1000 to pay The Nolans who had blackmailed Richie.
  • Episode 3: Attemped to get his shopping without paying for it as he was a celebrity and ended up getting arrested along with Eddie, but later escaped.
  • Episode 4: Attempted to have his father killed so he could get a new acting job. He later learned in a letter from his mother that the man he thought was his father was in fact her sex slave and his real father is unknown.



  • One of Richie's previous jobs was doing TV links for Television South (TVS), which was the ITV franchise holder in South and South East England from 1 January 1982 to 31 December 1992. However it is said that Richie had this job in 1972, in which that year, the ITV franchise holder was Southern Television.