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Richie Nix is psychotic man who become partner of Armand "The Blackbird" Degas in Killshot who had troubled relationship with his girlfriend Donna whom later he killed her.


Beacuse of his troubled childhood which left him to become criminal. Blackbird met Richie when he assigned as his partner to assassinated a mafia leader and later they robbed and killed people until Richie trashed and and demanding the boss for money before Wanye tells him where money is? and he lured Riche and beaten him with iron rad and knocking Blackbird down  in the bank include boss after Richie the money at gunpoint on Wanye only wittiness was estaged married couple Wayne and Carmen Colson an went to Police for witnesses protection. Richie and Blackbird visited Lionel Adam, a local man and fellow Indian tribesman of Blackbird who is Wanye's good friend, ask him about whereabouts of the Calsons he refused before he was killed by them. His realtonship with Donna is very voltible especially he was jelous of Donna's friendship with Blackbrid as friend before he shot her to death.