I. Like. To. Kill. Things. How is this not clear by now?!
~ Richard, when asked why he joined a quest

Richard, also called Richard the Warlock is an undead sorcerer from the on-line fantasy comic, Looking For Group. He is manipulative, powerful, physically strong, extremely evil, childish, and sarcastic. As one of the main characters in the comic, Richard is shown as a protagonist, although he acts more like a true villain; frequently killing, burning, and causing widespread destruction and chaos wherever he goes. He has a dark sense of humor, often saying sarcastic quips and making light of other's misfortune.

Because he is undead, Richard is virtually indestructible, numerous times having been impaled by objects and even surviving decapitation. He controls dark magic and can project fire, ice, and lightning as well as using a 'ventriloquist spell' in which he controls other's speech (most often to get them in trouble). He is also an expert fighter, and can take out many enemies by himself.

Richard is mayor of a village populated by other undead beings, and seems to be a registered Republican (although at some time he was "seriously considering leaving the party"). Later on, he shows himself interested in "entering politics at national level", and advocates tax reform and multi-party democratic system for the Kingdom of Legara.  

Despite the fact that he enjoys killing small animals, Richard has befriended a bunny, which he treats as a pet and seems to genuinely care for.