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It's only funny if it happens to someone else!
~ Richard Watterson


Richard-Watterson Season-2

Full Name
Richard Watterson
The Amazing World of Gumball
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Varies by episode
Type of Villain
Dimwitted Paternal Villain

Richard Watterson is a character from The Amazing World of Gumball.

He is the father of Gumball and Anais. While normally portrayed as a hero, he is considered as a lazy slob and a bad role model for his children. He has done quite a few antagonistic acts in the show.

Antagonistic roles

  • One of the best examples was in the episode The Laziest, when he tricked Gumball and Darwin into taking out the garbage and challenges them to a laziness contest. He cheats by makes the two look lazy in front of their mother, getting them to do chores. He even makes an evil grin in this episode.
  • In The Spoon, he forgets to buy a gift for Nicole, so he sends Gumball and Darwin to the convenience store to buy something.
  • In The Laziest, He cheats on a bet with Gumball and Darwin on who is the laziest person in Elmore, and causes G & D to get in trouble with Nicole.
  • In The Prank, He, Gumball, and Darwin, pull harmful pranks on each other. This gets out of hand when he fills a bucket with cement (almost crushing Gumball) and then maniacally chases Gumball and Darwin, destroying much of the house.
  • In The Refund, he tries to help Gumball and Darwin get a refund for a video game. However, he does so by stealing money from the cash register. He then tells Gumball and Darwin "You know very well I can't be trusted!".
  • In The Wand, he goes berserk with power from thinking a toy wand was really magical. He casts "spells" on his neighbors and makes Gumball and Darwin to do ridiculous things to themselves.
  • In The Helmet, he becomes obsessed with a lucky hat. He tricks Nicole into getting the wrong item so he could use it to win a game show. He, Nicole, and Gumball later fight over the hat.
  • In The Remote, he and the other Wattersons squabble over the remote control.
  • It is shown in The Job that he almost destroyed the universe by getting a job (as a pizza delivery guy). A family picture is shown with him having red eyes and a crack in a statue of the earth where he is pointing, indicating something ominous. To a minor extent, he eats part of the pizzas he is supposed to deliver in an attempt to eat free pizza. Larry defeats him by firing him, restoring the universe back to its status quo.
  • In The Tag, he and Mr. Robinson end up with ankle trackers after a feud over trash cans. They then try to exact revenge on each other with the asistance of Gumball and Darwin.
  • In The Joy, he gives Gumball and Darwin a "Wonder Hug", causing them to become infected with the Joy Virus throughout the episode, infecting the other students at Elmore Junior High.
  • In The Password, after Gumball and Darwin played tricks on him, determining to be their "favorite" parent, he sends the two boys to their room, and Gumball denounces his dad to be the second parent, much to Richard's dismay. Later, he plays the bad cop car chase routine against his wife, Nicole, now that she's Gumball and Darwin's favorite parent. Richard then attacks Nicole while attempting to buy a new computer, but Darwin stops them, and Richard and Nicole make up and forgave each other.
  • In The Man, he tries banned his own mother to date an older male mouse named Louie during her Birthday due he believe his father "was get milk from store" as mother reveal that he left him, However regardness he still bans his mom to date Louie for rest the episode.


  • In one episode he tried to get a job so he could do something different for a change, but later got fired for being eaten most the pizza. He somehow almost destroyed the universe for unexplained oddly reason or very odd yet best case of Status quo clichéd ending.
  • He is very similar to Patrick Star both have pink skin and both arelazy


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