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Richard Nixon is the president of the United States and the main antagonist of the Black Dynamite franchise.


Richard Nixon took position as the president at unspected time presumbly in 1969. Some point in time, he began selling drugs on the streets and to the orphanage that is in Black Dynamite's neighborhood and mastermind the murder of Black Dynamite's younger brother Jimmy.  He also ordered the production of Anacoda Malt, a liquor that shrinks a man's dick. Nixon had Fiendish Dr. Wu to create the liquor and give the orders to Nixon's other henchmen O'Leary, Congressman Monroe James, Rafelli, and Chicago Wind. After defeating Dr. Wu, Black Dynamite and his comrade Creamcorn attacked the White House but Creamcorn was killed when the guards shot down the helicopter Creamcorn was on.

Black Dynamite infiltrated the White House itself, defeating Nixon's guards and confronted President Nixon himself. Dynamite told Nixon about how he figured out it was Nixon who was behind everything. After a few words were exchanged, Nixon and Dynamite fought each other. They both used martial arts and nunchuks to fight each other. Nixon later grabbed John Wilkes Booth's gun and tries to kill Black Dynamite but it was interfered by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. Black Dynamitee later defeated Nixon and left him lying on the floor. Black Dynamite threatens to exposed him for sending his men to steal photos from Watergate. Richard Nixon begs Dynamite to kill him but Black Dynamite refuses and has the President take care of his people.

Nixon also appears as an antagonist in the Black Dynamite animated TV series.

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As seen in the animated series.

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