Richard killer
Richard Hewitt
is the main antagonist of the 2006 film, When a Killer Calls

He is portrayed by Mark Irvingsen.

The film began with him murdering his wife and children and then taking pictures of the attack. 

He then makes phone calls and sent the photos to a teenage girl named Trisha Glass, who was babysitting a little girl named Molly Walker. He frequently asks Trisha if she's checked on Molly. Trisha eventually does and finds her alive and well. As the calls begin escalating, Trisha calls the police, who tell her that they will send a police car over as well as trace the line.

After a while, Trisha's boyfriend Matt and his two friends, Frank and Chrissy, arrive at the house, trying to hide from the police after an incident at the bowling alley. Trisha reluctantly lets them stay.

When Frank and Chrissy go into the basement to have sex, Hewitt kills Frank and knocks Chrissy unconscious. After hearing the noise, Matt investigates and is knocked unconscious himself.

Trisha gets a call from the police saying that the line is coming from inside the house. Trisha then runs to Molly's bedroom and finds her dead and Hewitt in the room. He begins chasing her, and while running, Trisha trips and falls.

Trisha wakes up and finds herself, Matt and Chrissy tied up and Frank dead. Hewitt then reveals himself, and Trisha recognizes him as the father of two kids she previously babysat. It ended badly when Mr. Hewitt raped her. After sadistically torturing Trisha and Matt and killing Chrissy, he goes upstairs to kill the cops who had arrived. During this time, Matt attempts to free himself and Trisha.

When Richard returns, Trisha warns Richard that the Walkers will return any moment, but he reveals that he killed them as well. After this, Matt breaks free and attacks Richard, briefly knocking down. He then frees Trisha, but is quickly killed. Trisha runs out of the house and grabs Frank's gun from Matt's truck and shoots Richard, killing him. The film ends with Trisha walking into the woods.