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Richard hellsing
God dammit...! There's only three days left until the succession ceremony. I have waited twenty years for my brother's demise. I will not that have the organization stolen from me by that BRAT!
~ Richard's anger towards Integra.
Richard Hellsing is a minor character in the Hellsing series.

Brother of Arthur Hellsing. He stood by on close hands with the Hellsing family in hopes that one day he would become head of Hellsing House. Unfortunately for him, at his brother’s deathbed, the Organization was passed onto Arthur’s daughter Integra. Enraged, and seeing the opportunity available considering Hellsing’s faithful butler, Walter, was away for the time, Richard took up arms and a series of men to search Hellsing House for the young Integra in hopes to have her killed. Her death would have been fabricated as some dreadful accident and then Richard would finally attain the role of Hellsing director that he so craved these past thirty years. Richard and his men were thwarted when Integra sought to take heed her father’s words and progress to the dungeons wherein Alucard’s quiet body lay inert. Integra was finally the one to have Richard shot dead.

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