S5E12.195 Rich Buckner
Richard Buckner is the main antagonist of The Thanksgiving Special in Regular Show. He is described as "the richest man in the world".   


In the Thankgiving Special, Richard wanted to win the prized turkey from the Thanksgiving Song Contest. So Richard paid a lot of musicians to sing Chewing on Freedom. Just as he was about to win, Mordecai and Rigby came up with their own song called: What Are You Thankful For? Richard was so angry and decided to steal the turkey from Farmer Jimmy that Mordecai and Rigby. Mordecai and Rigby went after Richard who revealed he wanted the turkey because he could obtain the Golden Wishbone to have Thanksgiving all to himself since he was angry that his employees never thanked him since they were too busy spending time with their families. Mordecai and Rigby wouldn't let Richard get away with it and fought him with help from their friends. Mordecai and Rigby were kicked out of the blimp by Richard, who didn't know that they took the Wishbone. Richard was then no more as the blimp crashed into a bridge.

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  • Richard Buckner is a parody of Donald Trump.


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