Richard Armacost was jailed for insider trading and met a teenager named Charlie Bigelow who kept him alive. When Armacost was released, he returned to his old job as an executive at Agrichem. Armacost was desperate to get his hands on Derek Powers' formula to make plants regrow and hired Karros and Bigelow to steal it.

After two attempts failed in stealing the formula, Armacost refused to pay Karros until the job was done. Batman showed up at Armacost's office and revealed he taped their conversation. Armacost knew it was inadmissible as evidence, and then Charlie showed up in anger. Charlie was mutated into a big grey monster after being doused with the formula and attacked Armacost. Batman and Karros took on Bigelow while Armacost held on for his life on the balcony's railing.