Riccardo is the secondary antagonist in the video game Haunting Ground. Though encountered early in the game, he is the 3rd stalker.


Riccardo serves as the groundskeeper of Belli Castle. When Fiona, the protagonist of the game, first meets him, he introduces himself as the master of the castle. (He is actually a servant of the real master, Lorenzo Belli, who cannot move around due to being in a wheelchair.) After investigating the castle for a while, Fiona learns of Riccardo's abusive nature, as shown when he repeatedly hits Daniella and had tied up the dog, Hewie, to a tree.

After defeating Debilitas and Daniella, Riccardo finally begins chasing Fiona. In Chaos Forest, Riccardo tells Fiona that he and Ugo, Fiona's father, are clones of Lorenzo, making him Fiona's uncle. Unlike Ugo, Riccardo was not born with the Azoth, a type of life-force, so he tried to recover it from his brother, but failed. The reason he is after Fiona is because she inherited her father's Azoth. He seeks to extract it and make himself immortal.

The final showdown with Riccardo occurs at the Water Tower. After relentless chasing, he is eventually knocked down by Hewie and falls to his death.