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These idiots, they're always trying to screw you. That's the problem with this business... soon every mom and pop will think they can sell gallo in Vice City!
~ Ricardo Diaz to Tommy Vercetti

Ricardo Diaz (1942-1986) is a character in the GTA series that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as tertiary antagonist, and Grand Theft Auto:: Vice City Stories as supporting character.


Ricardo Diaz is the violent and powerful drug baron in GTA Vice City, having a heroic side in GTA Vice City Stories Diaz puts his money in an expensive mansion in Starfish Island. While he built, he does business with Victor and Lance. Upon successful completion of the case, he continues to give the job to Victor. After Diaz learned that Gonzalez gave Juan Cortez, Ricardo takes him under his wing and informs all the actions of Cortez. His true nature was revealed in GTA Vice City when he was shown to be responsible for Tommy Vercetti's drug deal to go awry knowing it thanks to Gonzalez . While trying to avenge his brother's death in the ambush, Tommy's friend, Lance Vance, who worked with Diaz, is captured and tortured until Tommy rescues him. The two later assault Diaz, his goons and mansion, resulting in the death of Diaz. Tommy then takes over, using it as his new base of operations.