Ribet is a member of the Sigma Force and a villain from Dragon Ball GT.


Ribet, along with the rest of the Sigma Force, Nezi, Natt, and Bizu, were deployed by General Rilldo to deal with Goku, Pan, and Trunks, who had just landed on Planet M-2. They proved successful in capturing Goku and Trunks, though they left Pan.

After Natt's destruction, Ribet, along with Nezi and Bizu, fused into the Sigma Force Cannon, in order to fight Goku, btu they were destroyed

Powers and Abilities

Ribet has the ability to fly and fuse with his teammates into the Sigma Force Cannon. He does have one unique ability, the Ribet Rocket, which is a powerful rocket he fires out of his body.

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