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 Ribbons Almark is the true hidden main Antagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. At the first season, he act as the minor character who assist Alejandro Corner as his personal Assistant. He later reveal his true nature and all his plan in the end of first season by start to betray him, and begin create a group named Innovators for control the world from the shadow after success take over Veda. By lending the abilities of the Innovators and Veda, he was able to convince the Federation to create the autonomous 'peacekeeping' force, the A-Laws, to purge the world of all dissidents of the world government. With A-Laws in operation, Ribbons hoped to accelerate the unification of humanity under his guidance.

Its reveal that Ribbons is one of the first Gundam Meister of Celestial-Being, and also the people who save young Setsuna F.Seiei with his 0 Gundam in Azadistan-Krugis war, later choose him to become a candidate of Gundam Meister. He also responsible for the creation of Team Trinity, in fact he also never care with them even three of them created from his DNA. And also, Ribbons manipulated Louise Halevy by offering her to cope her GN-Drive Tau poisoning, and also offer her to join A-Laws to help her revenge againts Gundam and become one of their financial helper.

In the end of series, he along his force (GAGA-Force , Revive Revival, Hilling Care , Ali al-Saachez, Louise Halevy and Andrei Smirnov) begin the war between Innovator and Celestial Being who helped with Katharon and ESF-Coup de'etat. When he shown himself with Reborns Gundam , he have a duel with Setsuna until he decide to use 0 Gundam once again to defeat him, but ended being killed by Setsuna in their final clash.

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