Rhombus was one of three henchmen who took orders under Looger.



Rhombus is a large, reptilian lizard based in blue colors. He has yellow eyes and his blue scales are covered with stripes and rosettes in black colors. His claws are ivory in color. Like his allies, he has a pair of thin scaly antennae sprouting from the top of his head.

In Scaler

Rhombus is one of Looger's henchmen, and first appears in the game's opening sequence behind a two-way mirror. Some time before the events of the game, Rhombus took on the disguise of a rich CEO, whose building project threatened the ecosystem of the native lizards. Bobby Jenkins protested his actions and made an enemy out of him. After Bobby turns into Scaler gets loose in the reptilian world, he, Turbine and Jazz set out to find the smaller blue lizard.

Rhombus and his comrades encounter Scaler in the boss level "Newborn Monstrosity", where they taunt the hero just before siccing the giant Iguana King on him. Despite the massive size difference, Scaler was able to defeat and knock out the mutant.

Much later, Rhombus finally confronted Scaler, riding atop a giant winged monster called the Flying Yeti along with Jazz and Turbine. The trio of villains engaged Scaler in a series of battles, with Rhombus taking him on after Jazz's defeat. Rhombus attacked by swinging his fists and leaping high into the air to attack from above, but was bested by the more agile lizard. Rhombus and his allies are last seen in various dazed states right before Scaler takes the egg they were guarding, Rhombus in an upright dizzy position before he comically falls on his back. He is not seen or mentioned again for the rest of the game, making his ultimate fate unknown.