Rhodes is the main antagonist of the 2008 Action Adventure movie, Conspiracy. He was played by Gary Cole.

Gary Cole owns the town in Conspiracy

He makes his intro to MacPherson, the hero and ex-marine, when he sees MacPherson, in his hotel room and then meets him one on one in a restaurant and offers him work and once again later when he's in jail and says that'll he'll pay MacPherson a lot of money and drop his charge if he agrees to work for him. But MacPherson sees through him and says no, Rhodes leaves him to his crooked cops, who viciously attack MacPherson while he's in jail and Rhodes allowing them to do what they want as long as they obey him. MacPherson escapes from Rhode's cops and Rhodes and his men see a patrol helicopter, they decide to leave MacPherson temporarily and then later kill him and bury him where nobody will find him. Later MacPherson is found and cared for by Joanna, heroine and a slave under Rhode's thumb, and she asks him if he's going to stop Rhodes, who is buying cheap lands, giving infrastructure, constructing buildings, making houses and facuilities for mexicans, and making a lot of money.

MacPherson also discovers that Rhodes killed his friend and his family and decides to get revenge on him. He defeats many of Rhode's men and says to one of them to give Rhodes a message, that he's bringing hell to God's country. Rhodes gets the message and beats up and captures Joanna.

A cop that worked for Rhodes joins forces with MacPherson and together they kill and defeat the rest of Rhode's minions. Then Rhodes beats MacPherson up and orders his men to kill him but MacPherson stabs a sharp stick into him and kills Rhodes. Afterward MacPherson is cleared and with Rhode's tyranny destroyed the mexican slaves are freed including Joanna, who falls in love with MacPherson and become lovers.