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Ms. Rhoda Chesterfield In Jessie

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Mrs. Rhoda Chesterfield is the main antagonist of the TV show Jessie. She is a wealthy woman who lives directly under the Ross family's apartment. She used to be a fashion model for magazines. It's revealed she's been married six times, she married her first husband because he was rich and got all his money, and repeated that process over and over again (it's implied she got rid of her husbands when she got bored with them).

Rhoda is portrayed by actress, Carolyn Hennesy.


She owns a pet Chihuahua named Zeus, which she loves dearly, probably even more than her daughter. She doesn't like reptiles due to the fact that she's afraid of them and that Mr. Kipling liked the taste of her, and she even tried to have Mr. Kipling removed from the building after she found out he was living there. However, when a hawk tried to attack her Chihuahua, Mr. Kipling saved the dog's life by swatting the bird away with his tail. Afterward, she had decided to allow Mr. Kipling to stay. She is cruel, crabby, bratty, spoiled, and mean.

She also has a habit of getting peoples names wrong, its implied she does this deliberately to annoy them. She is also despite her age very flirtatious when it comes to younger, attractive men, to the point of outright harassment. She also has a major crush on Bertram, although he is repulsed by her.

Its revealed that she has two children, a daughter called Cassandra with her last husband, and a son called Brooks with another husband. She does care about her son, but is apparently closer to her dog than she is to either of them.

Following Brooks, beginning to date Jessie, Mrs. Chesterfield tried to break them up, as she did not approve of Jessie. However when Brooks refused, she cut off all his funds and took his job, to try and force him out. However, when Brooks held out to date Jessie, and thanks to a little prodding from Bertram, she finally agreed to accept his choice. When Brooks and Jessie got engaged, Mrs. Chesterfield organized their wedding in the Ross penthouse and prepared all the decorations using her royal riches (albeit she selfishly had Brooks' face iced all over the wedding cake when Jessie's face was only in a small teacup). Nevertheless, both Jessie and Mrs. Chesterfield do not like the idea of being in-laws (Jessie herself even pointed that out to the Ross kids at one point before the ceremony). On the wedding, however, Jessie and Brooks break up when Brooks leaves for a job in Africa and Jessie refuses to come with him due to her career as the Ross nanny. 

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