~ Chesterfield's signature exclamation

Mrs. Rhoda Chesterfield is the overall main antagonist on the Disney Channel series, Jessie.

She is a wealthy woman who lives directly under the Ross family's apartment. She used to be a fashion model for magazines. It's revealed she's been married six times, she married her first husband because he was rich and got all his money, and repeated that process over and over again. It is unknown what she did to her six husbands.

She is portrayed by Carolyn Hennesy.


Rhoda used to be a fashion model for magazines. After her modeling career was finished, Rhoda married six times. Rhoda lives directly below the Ross family's penthouse. She's been living in the penthouse longer than the Ross family. She owns a Chihuahua named Zeus, who she loves more than Cassandra and Brooks, who are Rhoda's biological children.


Rhoda is always cranky and wants everything to herself. She declares herself as an independent woman. However, she goes out of character when she sees great-looking men for her style. Especially with Betram, where she flirts with him on a daily basis or when she sees him in the streets of New York City. In some cases, she softens her personality. She also has a habit of getting peoples names wrong, especially with the main protagonist, Jessie Prescott. Its implied that she does this deliberately to annoy them. She is also despite her age very flirtatious when it comes to younger, attractive men, to the point of outright harassment. She also has a major crush on Bertram, although he is repulsed by her.

Physical Appearance

Rhoda is a slim woman who wears ridiculous outfits. She thinks that her style is still in during the 21st century. However, in Emma's defense, they are out of style. Rhoda wears robes when she is home and wears what appears to be pants suits, with feathered hats. She is a red head when introduced and it she dyed her hair darker.


Its revealed that she has two children, a daughter called Cassandra with her last husband, and a son called Brooks with another husband. She does care about her son, but is apparently closer to her dog than she is to either of them.

Zeus Chesterfield

Zeus is Rhoda's pet Chihuahua. Rhoda dresses him up and he doesn't like it one bit. Zeus is a smart pup who despises his owner


Cassandra was the first biological child that was introduced in the show. Rhoda asked her daughter to adopt all twelve of Mrs. Kipling's baby lizards. The Ross kids thought that Rhoda planned to turn the lizards into clothing. After the sanctuary was revealed, Jessie and the kids apologized to Rhoda.


Brooks was the latest biological child to be revealed and fell in love with Jessie Prescott. However, Rhoda tried to break them up, as she did not approve of Jessie. When Brooks refused, she cut off all his funds and took his job, to try and force him out. However, when Brooks held out to date Jessie, and thanks to a little prodding from Bertram, she finally agreed to accept his choice. When Brooks and Jessie got engaged, Mrs. Chesterfield organized their wedding in the Ross penthouse and prepared all the decorations using her royal riches. Nevertheless, both Jessie and Mrs. Chesterfield do not like the idea of being in-laws. At the wedding, however, Jessie and Brooks break up when Brooks leaves for a job in Africa and Jessie refuses to come with him due to her career as the Ross nanny.


The Talented Ms. Kipling

In this episode, this is Rhoda's first debut. The Ross kids want to play in Central Park, without Rhoda seeing the lizard. However, Rhoda spots the lizard and wants it out of the penthouse. In the end, she decided to keep the lizard after Kipling saved Zeus from being eaten from a hawk.

Are You Cooler than a 5th Grader?

Rhoda sees Zuri doing a lemonade stand but for her own benefit. However, Rhoda got her lesson as Zuri sold her spicy chocolate chip cookies and bought milk to cool her fiery mouth down.

Romancing the Crone

Jessie accidentally drops Christina's $1 million tiara into Rhoda's hot tub. Rhoda keeps the tiara all to herself and threatened Jessie that she'll tell Christina about the tiara unless she and Bertram can go out, which the later reluctantly agrees to.

Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation

Rhoda fixes her hair until someone switches her hair product with glue, causing her to have her hands stuck in her hair. A sudden twist was revealed when her own dog switched out the product and the glue.

101 Lizards

Rhoda aska her daughter, Cassandra, to adopt the baby lizards. However, she wants the lizards to be in the sanctuary she opened up.

Ghost Bummers

Rhoda throws a Halloween party but no one shows up. As she cleans up, Rhoda gets possessed by an evil spirit and the spirit itself controls Kipling, Emma, and Luke. However, it was all a dream.

Between the Swoon and New York City

Jessie falls in love with Brooks Wentworth, Rhoda's Son child. But, Rhoda wants them to break up and never see each other. Brooks refused and Rhoda shuts down his bank account and cell phone service.

No Money, Mo' Problems

Being low on funds after what happened to his first date, Brooks works as a doorman in the penthouse. Rhoda hires Betram to spy on Jessie and Brooks and wants them to break up, considering this being her second attempt. However Bertram later tells her of Jessie's and Brooks' commitment to each other and Rhoda gives Brooks back his money, cell phone and job.

There Goes the Bride

Rhoda was invited to Jessie and Brook's wedding. As Tony asks for any objections, Rhoda raises her hand but she was being stopped by Betram.

Four Broke Kids

Rhoda moves in to the Ross' apartment after they lost their money. The family believes that she was responsible for their loss of money, but it turns out that she's innocent. The Ross' later get there money back as the IRS made a mistake. Rhoda ends up losing her money after Ravi finds illegal tax deductions on her computer and reports it to the IRS.

Bye Bye Bertie

Betram quits from being the Ross' butler and becomes Rhoda's. Rhoda agrees with it and wants to hang out with him, a lot.

The Fear in Our Stars

In her last appearance, Rhoda gets annoyed by Jessie when she tries to retrieve all of her special skills. She's also been purposely called the Wicked Witch of the West.


  • Rhoda shares some similarities to Cruella de Vil. However Rhoda has been known to wear fake animal clothes.