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Rhett is the (former) main antagonist/anti-hero in The Land Before Time television series episode, "The Brave Longneck Scheme" but he reforms and becomes a minor protagonist. He is Ali's friend who, met her when their two herds joined up. He is Littlefoot's new friend and former rival. He is voiced by Elizabeth Daily.

Rhett Land Before Time
  • Rhett, Chomper's Parents, Pterano, Mutt and Nod, Hyp, Cera, Shorty and Hyp's Dad are the only Land Before Time antagonists who had reformed.
  • Just like Littlefoot, Cera had a hard time with Rhett upon meeting and scoffs at his claimed at his claimed bravery. His antics also angered her and caused her along with the gang to form a plan to expose his lies. However, at the end she warms up to Rhett when he becomes ashamed after the Old One becomes angry with him.