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NW Rhazzad

Rhazzad is a villain appearing in Neverwind, a game based on the popular Dungeons and Dragons role-playing universe - he is a Drow magician whose apparent benevolence towards the usually shunned Spellscarred victims turned out to be a ploy in his megalomaniacal scheming to obtain great but forbidden power.

As a Dungeons and Dragons villains his alignment is roughly on the Chaotic Evil side, quick to throw off his original benevolence to gloat and happily bring ruin to those he betrayed and killed, as well as seeing all other life forms as playthings to be experimented on for his own cruel amusement.

It is also somewhat fitting that he should belong to the Drow, as the faction are known to be among the most devious and hateful of the elfin races (though Drow are not, contrary to common belief, universally evil in  nature - Rhazzad simply embodies the worst of what Drow are capable of being).




  • Foulspawn Authority
  • Alchemy
  • Spellburst
  • Transmorphing
  • Foulspawn Transformation


  • Rhazzad follows the Chaotic Evil tradition of a villain in part destroying themselves in a lust for uncontrollable power, this idea dates back to ancient myth and is linked closely to the idea that chaos brings ruin, especially when combined with an insidious mind or ideal.

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