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Childhood, a time of innocence, a time of joy. A time of unspeakable, unrelenting... tragedy. Mrs. Pickles, tell us how it feels to know you may never see your children again.
~ Rex arriving at the scene, not helping the situation
And there you have it! Two sour Pickles and: Young Tammy, Baby Dale, the twins Bill & Jill, little Chunky, and poor Amelia, all vanished without a trace. I'm Rex Pester! And I'll be back with more big, action news!
~ Rex wrongly stating the Rugrats names before ending his report

Rex Pester is the main antagonist in The Rugrats Movie, despite having little screen time.

He was voiced by Tim Curry.

In the movie

True to his name, he is a nosy and arrogant news reporter—a real pest. Constantly getting the names of the missing babies wrong and blowing the situation out of proportion—making everything even worse. He's also rather callous and uncaring towards the situation: he asks Didi "Please tell us how it feels knowing you may never see your children again." And even after being called out by Betty for that question, Rex repeats the question to Didi. As Drew and Charlotte arrive, Rex hounds Drew by asking him how it felt knowing that "your brother lost your only daughter?" Furious, Drew tackles Stu with the other adults trying to break up the fight. Rex then displays the missing babies photos (getting all their names wrong) and ends his report there.

Later on, Rex is flying over the forest on his helicopter when Stu accidentally slams into the chopper on his Dactar Glider. As Rex tries to push Stu out, Stu accidentally rips out the chopper's throttle, sending it into a violent tailspin and causing it to crash-land into the forest below. As his chopper crashes, Rex sobs out "And I never won an Emmy!"

When the rugrats are reunited with their parents, an injured Rex shoves away another reporter already on the scene. The Circus Monkeys promptly ambush Rex and steal his toupee, to everyone's amusement. What happened to Rex Pester after that is currently unknown. It is assumed that he's never been seen again.


  • Rex Pester is voiced by Tim Curry, who also voiced Hexxus, El Malefico, Drake, Maestro Forte, Rooster, Taurus Bulba, Ben RavencroftProfessor Calamitous and Mr. Héctor.
  • Rex is implied to be a sadist, as after asking Drew about Stu losing his only daughter he encouraged him to "share his pain" and seemingly enjoyed it. He also asked Didi to "please tell us how he it feels knowing you may never see your kids again. And even after Betty calls him out for that question, Rex repeated the question to Didi. Then again, since he is a reporter, it is possible that he's only doing it for ratings.
  • Rex Pester is the only antagonist in the Rugrats Movie to be human instead of an animal.
  • He bears a physical resemblace to Kent Mansley from The Iron Giant.
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