Matthew Freeman needs to be punished. Just like you punished Brian for being so rude to you!
~ Rex McKenna

Rex McKenna is the head of a TV show and a minor antagonist in the Power of Five book two Evil Star.


Rex McKenna is Gwenda Davis' favourite TV host, and she is physically attracted to him. What's more, he knows it, and one day, he starts talking to her from the TV.

This is crazy because her power has been cut off two weeks before because she hasn't paid bills. But Gwenda had already gone mad with the loss of her money and sanity was gone for her. So she talked to Rex when he talked to her on the TV, interrupting his show which was watched by millions, to talk to her. Eventually, Gwenda talked to her husband Brian about these creepy events, but Brian laughed at her. So Rex, in his next broadcast, told Gwenda that she should "punish" Brian, meaning kill him. Gwenda got a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her husband to death, silencing him.

Rex McKenna is later revealed to be an evil witch, friends with the cult of the Old Ones that almost killed Matt, and Rex knows about the Five, and wants Matt to be killed permanently, so the Old Ones can come free. Rex is angry that Matt killed his witch friends, and wants Matt dealt with.

Rex tells Gwenda that Matt is in Yorkshire, and she steals a tanker to get there. But at the school itself, she has doubts. Rex comes on the radio, telling her in an extremely creepy fashion to go off and kill herself because it is a necessary thing to benefit humanity and it won't hurt like she thinks. Gwenda goes off and kills herself by blowing up the (empty) school.