Lori, why dont you like me? I'm rich, I'm good looking,

my dad owns the company.

~ Rex to Lori

Rex is a supporting antagonist of the film, Ted. He was Lori's manager and John's arch-rival for her affections.

Hewas portrayed by Joel McHale.



Rex was a cocky over-achiever in high-school. His privileged status and good looks made sure he was popular with his peers, despite his incredibly unlikable, cantankerous, and argumentative personality.


Rex was Lori's manager and boss. He constantly tried to charm her with his stories of achievement, material wealth and inane logic. Lori saw him as little more than a nuisance, especially since she was dating John at the time.

When Lori breaks up with John, Rex tries to show Lori his (non-existent) sensitive side as a way of scoring her on the rebound. When the two went to a Missy Higgins concert (Lori only went to placate her boss once and for all), John appeared onstage and tried to win Lori back by singing — badly. Rex comments on what a loser Lori's ex-boyfriend was, which Lori takes offense to. She leaves Rex, who lets out a pent-up fart.

It was later revealed that Rex sank into a depression and died of Lou Gehrig's disease.


Rex was a full-blown, narcissistic, and grandiloquent person. He loved talking himself up, showing off his wealth, talents and connections and sought to sleep with every attractive woman he laid eyes on, regardless of any boyfriends and husbands. He had a low opinion of John, condescending him whenever he could.

Even Rex could admit that he was an obnoxious and manipulative jerk, but it had worked for him his whole life, so he wasn't going to stop then. It was implied that he eventually had a moment of reflection of how meaningless his life really was, which would contribute to his eventual depression.