Now, the Book of Revelation tells us the Rapture is the literal, physical bodily coming of Christ in the clouds to snatch out of this world all believers, the dead and living who were in Christ our Lord, amen. Those sinners who remain on Earth shall face torments and suffer beyond their wildest nightmares. Who are these people? Well, we all know them. Musicians, gays, gay musicians, the entire Denver Broncos, and all of Hollywood.
~ Reverend Rick Forrest

Reverend Rick Forrest, also called "Preacher", is a hypocritical Christian televangelist and a minor character in the 2013 supernatural, apocalyptic fantasy/comedy movie Rapture-Palooza (originally titled as "Ecstasy").

He was portrayed by Ritchie Singer.

This American preacher who got into the business of televangelism, had many sermons according to the tenets of Christianity and the Holy Bible, particularly the Rapture and the Apocalypse from the Bible's Book of Revelation. Reverend has a dim view on people who believed to be left behind on Earth after the Rapture as he thinks the types of people deemed as sinners are going to be musicians, homosexuals (gays as he calmly and derogatorily refers them to), homosexual musicians, the entire Denver Broncos team of 1997 and all of Hollywood.

Although a devout Christian believer, he was not one of the people that has gotten saved and taken into Heaven when the Rapture, and he ended up using the donations he received from all people and spend it all on his selfish needs and indulged in binge drinking while still constantly preached about the Apocalypse.

He might have died from alcohol poisoning because of his sad addiction or it is unknown what happened after both God and Earl Gundy/The Beast died in their final battle due to the actions of 2 good mortals Lindsey Lewis and Ben House, and the unexpected death of Jesus Christ upon his would-be Second Coming during the End Times.