Reverend Lance Calvin is a crooked preacher and is a minor villian on the television series Grimm.

He was portrayed by ?.

He is a Blutbad (german for Werewolf), takes over struggling churches, syphan the hard earned money from the Church sending the money to an account in Barbados and Carcuo, he is a con artist, who did this in Little Rock Arkansas, left town to Portland, Oregon, in which he tried the same by first killing the church accountant by dropping him into a mulcher, commited infidelity on his girlfriend impregnating a Seelegut (german for Sheep) when his girlfriend found this out she revealed that he was lying to the church the entire time, this would result in the entire congregation of Seelegut standing up and turning against him beating him to death, His girlfriend before she met him, was married and her husband mysteriously, disappearered whom he blamed for the missing money in Little Rock, it would not be suprising if the so called Good Reverend murdered her husband in order to gain access to the account in Little Rock.