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Reverend Abraham Hawkings is a villain appearing on the Showtime/Sci Fi Channel television series Poltergeist: The Legacy, serving as the main antagonist of the Season 1 episode "Town Without Pity."

He is played by Nick Mancuso, who also played Franco Macalousso in the Apocalpyse trilogy.

Legacy members Nick Boyle and Dr. Rachel Corrigan investigate a peculiar emission of energy over a forest in Washington where numerous disappearances have occurred in fifty-year cycles. They eventually find a bridge across a stream; as they cross the bridge, a green energy discharge ripples around them for an instant. Nick and Rachel find the colony and enter the church, where they find a man, illuminated by the dust streaming in the window, preaching fire and brimstone. The man welcomes the two to the colony, New Eden, and names himself as the Right Reverend Abraham Hawkings.

Nick and Rachel are separated for the evening meal, and Hawkings tells them that they cannot leave until morning. Later, Rachel speaks with Hawkings about the colony and asks where Nick is (Nick had left, only to end up captured), but Hawkings quotes the Bible without answering her questions. In another building, some of the women speak with Sarah, who has come to doubt Hawkings. Outside, Hawkings quotes the passage in Genesis about Rachel coming to Jacob to give him sons while holding a smoldering iron cross above Rachel.

Later, Hawkings and Rachel have a private dinner in his quarters. He claims that Nick has offended God and that he (Hawkings) is the only one who understands God. He continues quoting Genesis and insists that God sent Rachel to be the Eve to his Adam, and that together they must repopulate the Earth anew. Hawkings then attempts to rape Rachel but she fights him, setting his bed on fire in the process.

Later on, Hawkings burns Sarah at the stake, then turns to Rachel and again asks her to join him; Rachel, however, spits in his face, angering him. As dawn comes, Nick and a young boy are brought out, and Hawkings again asks Rachel to reconsider his offer, but she denounces his words.

That night, Hawkings preaches as he prepares to burn Rachel and the boy at the stake, only to be interrupted by Derek Rayne, who shows the gathered colonists Hawkings' mirror, which reveals the colonists to be animated corpses. The colonists then rise up in beams of light, and Hawkings continues to preach as Nick frees the boy and Rachel. Hawkings struggles against the light, but he is overtaken.


  • Hawkings has some striking similarities to Reverend Henry Kane in the fact that he too is portrayed as a fanatical being intent on keeping other souls hostage.